Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pink Party

Choosing a color theme for a party makes it a little easier. My 3 year old wanted pink, pink, pink....and that's what we did. I love creating decorations out of fabrics and things I already have and can use again and can also enjoy for several days after.
We made the pink flags out of inexpensive fabric (I use them over & over).
Pink lanterns adorn the craft area where you must make a pink headdress.
What could be better than pink carnations?

I love this light from Ikea, you can decorate it for ANY occasion. Instant party!!
Pink Hola Hoops...of course.
A pink princess to carry out the pink cupcakes.
The very happy birthday girl.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fabulous Flower Pots

Colorful front porch pots full of gorgeous blooms can really help to keep up the illusion of a perpetual spring when Lowcountry heat and humidity slaps us in the face each July. Livening up ones outdoor entryway with plant life is also most inviting to neighbors and guests and is relatively easy to rotate with the seasons. But the idea that I would like to share today isn't so much about the potted plants, but the pots themselves.

A combination of a surplus of specialty quilting fabric under my desk and a lack of desire to go out looking for fabulous and most likely expensive new pots (sometime being cheap is the best way to live green) came together and became a fun little project to try. I enlisted my kids in picking favorite prints, cutting them to size to fit plain old
galvanized buckets, and mixing up a gooey watery decopaging medium of elmers glue and water. We then made sure the fabric was completely soaked through with the glue mixture before molding it onto the buckets. A few extra coats of glue on top ensured that the fabric fit like a glove. A day or so of drying time, a few coats of a clear acrylic polyurethane to protect from water and solar abuse and a few holes drilled into the bottom for drainage and we were ready to pot some plants. Hope a few of y'all will give it a go as well.

Airstream Guesthouse

We wanted to utilize this classic Airstream trailer in the backyard of our LA house, so we put down pavers and turned it into a permanent guest house. No one ever wanted to leave.

Quick Fix Backyard

We had to hide a concrete wall to create a great outdoor space on the cheap (it seems that is a recurring theme). So we took those amazing plastic outdoor rugs and covered the ugly wall. We found a great little bench (that someone was getting rid of), added some colorful pillows, plants and BOOM...heaven.

Tween Room

We wanted to create a cool, hip room for a creative 10 year old girl. Lots of color and comfortable places to hang out in a small space. Lots of personality.

Office Space

Our colorful office that creates inspiration daily.

Pretty in Pink

Vintage and funky pink finds. We were trying to break away from the traditional little girls pink room. I love the pink glitter dear.

A great mixture of kids art, flea market and vintage plates.

We needed an inexpensive "peace", for the headboard, so we had this cut and painted with high gloss paint.